by Daisy Nikoloska

Photo credit: Fan Art.

Remember Ne-Yo? You know, before there was Rihanna-and-Drake there was Rihanna-and-Ne-Yo. He was so sick of love songs and always wore sunglasses and his hat at a jaunty angle, but somehow it became incredibly endearing. Well his real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith (I know, I had no idea either), he’s released six studio albums since 2006, he wrote the certified banger Let Me Love You for Mario, and most importantly, he’s coming to Bristol.

On Wednesday April 5th Bristol’s Colston Hall will become a smooth blended pop and R&B dreamscape as Ne-Yo is sure to deliver everything from his mid-2000s slow-jams to his more recent experimentations with reggaeton. This European tour follows the 2015 release of Non-Fiction, but don’t worry, there have been a couple of tracks from an allegedly upcoming seventh album floating around for a while now. Maybe we’ll get lucky and hear a few live previews. Overall, Ne-Yo’s show will surely be a mix between nostalgia and now.