National Acrobats

by Ellie Turner

I was super impressed with you guys in the semi-final- are you getting excited for the final? AS: Yeah, really excited. GH: Definitely, it always draws a crowd.

Any hints about what we can expect? GH: There won’t be any new stuff but we’ve really worked on the transitions between songs and the introductions for them, making the set more fluid. AS: Yeah, we’ve just been doing lots of practicing.

Have you got a favourite song to play live? AS: Ooh I don’t know, I like Tell Me but also Twin Peaks, they’re both really fun to play.

Who are your favourite new artists out right now? GH: I was listening to the new DIIV album a lot, and the Neon Indian album which came out late last year. I only downloaded that about two weeks ago but I really like it, it’s really cool. AS: I’m really impressed with Tame Impala’s Currents as well, that’s a really good album. That was out last year as well though!

Who would you say has influenced your sound? GH: We listen to everything really. We work on a song by song basis, just if we think a song is cool, but it could end up pretty different to the others. AS: I think there is just good music everywhere really, in every genre. It’s about the people who are playing it and the techniques they use.

What has been your favourite moment since you started the band? AS: Last year’s Battle of the Bands was pretty exciting because we hadn’t been together for long, I think it was only two weeks, and we managed to write a song between each heat and actually get through to the final. It was also good when we got played on the radio the other day as well! GH: It’s been nice just seeing the songs get better as well, I think we’re generally a lot happier with them now.

Can you see a progression through your work? GH: Yeah, we’re just definitely better at writing them now! AS: And when we just do random jams, they’re getting a lot better now too.

How often do you guys rehearse then? GH: In the lead up to something, I’d say about twice a week. But if not, it’ll tend to be that we practice less and then have more writing sessions.

Where would be your dream place to play live? GH: A festival would be nice. AS: Yeah a festival would be cool, it would be nice to meet loads of other artists while you’re there.

What have you guys got planned next, for after Battle of the Bands? GH: We were invited by Rory from the band Bloom to do our own live session where we’ll be recorded and filmed- I think BBC Introducing are involved somehow so that should be cool.