Michael Kiwanuka

by Bertie Mackenzie

Photo credit: Big Hassle.

On March 29th, Michael Kiwanuka played in the 300-capacity venue The Lantern. The Lantern is a small theatre space within Colston Hall in Bristol; its a charming, small and very personal space. This Wednesday night, Michael will move less than 100 meters for his upcoming performance. While in the same building, Michael will be performing to a much bigger audience. His 300-person audience has blown-up to a sold-out crowd of 2000 in Colston Halls’s main auditorium. All in all, it has been a terrific year for Michael. Not only has his latest tour practically sold out, but his latest album Love & Hate went to Number One in the UK and was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Award. His music is even being featured on massive U.S. shows like The Get Down. Overall, Michael Kiwanuka is quickly becoming a huge name in British music.