Maxïmo Park

by Liam Hill

Photo credit: Skiddle.

Newcastle indie-rockers Maxïmo Park are set to tour their upcoming album Risk To Exist. Heading for an in store performance at the Rise record store in Bristol on the 26th of April, this is one not to miss. The band of power pop inspired melodies with angsty punk undertones are best known for their hugely popular track Apply Some Pressure from their Platinum graded debut A Certain Trigger.

Their latest single, What Did We Do To You To Deserve This? provides an insight into the forthcoming release with politically inspired lyricism and a musical divergence from the band’s roots. The song features an unconventional reggae feel to the rhythm and lead guitar, showing the bands overall progress and willingness to evolve. Although an unexpected sound for those familiar with Maximo Park, the track is unapologetic in its honesty and catchiness.

A band with huge energy, presence and anthemic tracks to strip down for a small, intimate setting, with the added bonus of a signing, is guaranteed to be an unforgettable delight for any fan of Paul Smith and the rest of the Park.