Marissa Nadler

by Finn Dickinson

In this nightmarish, post-Cavern apocalypse we find ourselves trapped in, how are we to sate our cravings for decent gigs? Thankfully, Phoenix seems to be intermittently picking up from where its neighbour left off, and that’s where Marissa Nadler comes in. Having just supported Ghost on their tour of the US, her spectral aura will be drifting through Exeter this December as part of her European tour, which should see some belated support for her most recent album – Strangers. In my review of the record, I called it a collection of great songs, sung by someone who seems to have no intention of slowing down. In retrospect, that first assertion is an understatement. The second part is pretty apt.

Nadler’s music often integrates aspects of dark folk, dream pop and even extreme metal, but there’s a ubiquitous sense of melody which permeates her entire discography. Her introspective lyrics and the beautiful devastation of her music will likely make for the perfect end to a cold December’s Sunday evening, so do yourself a favour and head up to Phoenix for a performance you shouldn’t miss and won’t regret.