Lucy Rose

by Riaud Abdul

Surrey songstress Lucy Rose graces Exeter’s Phoenix this November to support the release of her newest album Something’s Changing. Music lovers with a heightened appreciation for indie folk and pop music will find this concert to be a must. Armed with just an acoustic guitar and the gentle tones of her voice, she released her debut album Like I Used To in 2012. She made waves in the music world with her emotionally charged ballads, and found her content featured on popular television shows such as Skins. This was just the beginning and something certainly has changed. She’s maintained the soul by staying true to the naturalness of her voice and evolved through the rhythm. Her style is quite reminiscent of artists such as Feist, exhibiting control of a piece through timing and decorating simple beats. She is proof that minimalism works. The light airy vibes and the sweetness of her voice can be quite misleading. In a time where EDM reigns supreme, it can be easy to succumb to over powered synths and aggressive bass.

Rose will lull you into a peaceful state of mind with her soft vocals, but she is not to be taken for granted. Her dynamism reveals itself through the melodies she engineers. One could simply take Our Eyes from her last album as a prime example. While the chorus screams EDM pop, it is layered with modern folk ambiances. This maintains the simplicity of the hook without overpowering the song. Her new sound is nevertheless a departure, and Rose adopts more of an upbeat tempo in tunes from the new album, such as her song Second Chance. She’s kept the emotionally connectivity, and somehow made the vocal element the cornerstone of a composition.

This is a gig of new beginnings, and venturing into the unknown. It’s a chance to see the result of years of musical experimentation and growth. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing night out, treat yourself to Lucy Rose at The Phoenix.