Lucy Rose

by Sarah Turnnidge

Having largely been known previously as the captivating female voice featuring on multiple Bombay Bicycle Club records, over the past two or so years Lucy Rose has found her own stride as one of the most exciting UK singer-songwriters around. On the back of two distinctive albums; relaxed debut Like I Used To and second LP Work It Out, Rose has travelled worldwide on an extensive, and often relatively spontaneous, set of tours, covering not just the UK and Europe several times over, but also Latin America for eight weeks, where she stayed with fans and played shows every night.

On the 9th of December, Lucy Rose will release her third LP, Live at Urchin Studios, which was recorded in just one hour in front of a live studio audience and features tracks from both her first and second albums. In the wake of this new release, Rose will play a set of acoustic gigs at a selection of unusual venues across the UK, including the beautiful Bristol Central Library on the 10th December. With her talent for simple, enchanting songwriting and a haunting voice, the chance to watch Lucy Rose perform in such an intimate space simply should not be missed.