Lucy Rose

by Jessikah Hope Stenson

Congratulations on the success of your second album, Work It Out. How has the response been different to Like I Used To? I’m sure some people will prefer my first album and some people will prefer my second, that’s just how it is. I feel like Work It Out better represents me as I’ve really been making the music that I want to.

Where has been your favourite place to tour? There are so many places yet to tour and I’m sure Iceland will be my favourite. I’ve never been there before but I’m really excited because it’s a really beautiful place. I’ve also been to some lovely places in Europe, especially in Germany.

On your dream tour, who would you take with you? Honestly, the support acts I’ve had on this tour. It would be an insult to them to say otherwise – they are all so talented. There’s Flyte, Billie Marten, Jake Isaac and Mercury-nominated C Duncan.

How do you choose what songs will become singles and receive music videos? I take a lot of advice from other people choosing singles these days. I hate it when people listen to just one of my singles and judge my whole album by that song because it doesn’t truly represent all that I want it to. So generally I just go with what I am told will get the most radio-play because that’s an important way to reach more listeners. When it comes to music videos, I used to make a lot of similar videos and although now I have less say over my videos they are generally a lot better as they represent the songs well.

Is there a specific song from Work It Out that you particularly love? I love them all. I feel like they are all combined in the album to represent the music I really enjoy creating.

Which is your favourite to perform live? The fun songs are always great to play live as you can just rock out to them. But that doesn’t mean that performing Shiver from Like I Used To is bad because I think that’s a song I can use to really connect with the audience.

If you had to cover a song right now what would it be and why? Whatever I could learn quickest! No, I love this Shirley Bassey version of a song but I don’t know who sang it is originally…

What’s been the best opportunity you’ve had in your music career? I’ve done a lot of work with Bombay Bicycle Club which has all been great experience. I performed on the Jools Holland Show with Manic Street Preachers which was incredible! Glastonbury 2014 was also a lot of fun.

Have you met any people through your music career you are particularly happy to know? Yes definitely, most of the time the people you work with become your closest friends and I’m lucky enough for that to happen to me.

What do you want to achieve in the next year or so? I might go on tour with a band but I haven’t got the money to do that at the moment. I really want to create a video for my song Nebraska. I’d also love to create an acoustic EP of me playing really raw piano versions of a few songs from Work It Out – that’ll probably never happen though.