London Grammar

by Sophie Griffiths

Photo credit: Chuffmedia.

Four long years have passed since London Grammar’s debut album If You Wait took the indie pop scene by storm. But finally, this talented trio are back with their first new music since 2013, and they are better than ever! Truth Is a Beautiful Thing is the perfect name for this moving album full of heart-wrenching and vulnerable lyrics.

Lead singer Hannah Reid and guitarist Dan Rothman met in their halls of residence during their first year at the University of Nottingham in 2009, and Dominic Major completed the band in 2012. Now they are selling out shows all over the world with mesmerising sets that cannot be missed.

London Grammar blend powerful vocals with melancholy guitar to provide an almost theatrical experience at their live shows. The ambient vibes and ethereal sounds are comparable to those of the xx. Reid’s voice is an instrument in itself and stands front and centre, completely in control of the stylistic variation this new album has created.

A stunning live setting like Colston Hall is the best way to appreciate Reid’s vocals and the dream-like atmosphere the electronics and synths lend themselves to. A massive step up from the low-key gigs they were used to before the massive success of the first album.

Deciding to take the time off to work on the second album has definitely helped them develop the unique sound they created back in 2013. The long wait has just made it all the more special and now is the perfect to see them live, just in case they disappear for a while again to work on their third masterpiece. Make sure you catch them in Bristol at Colston Hall on the 27th of October.