Little Dragon

by Paridhhi Bajoria

Photo credit: Sonic PR.

With their music being featured in TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, Revenge, and The Vampire Diaries, Gothenburg’s Grammy-nominated electronic and synthpop fusion band Little Dragon is the one to listen to. Formed in 1996, this band has been making music together for the 20 years. They have come so far from jamming together back in high school to producing popular and well-received electronic studio albums.

Little Dragon’s musical energy has been prevalent since their early single Twice, which was released by Scandinavian label Off The Wall in 2007. It still remains to be one of their most loved tracks. After performing at Gorrilaz’s world tour as the main supporting act in 2010, they did not take too long to reach the ears of UK and US audiences, securing spots in both nation’s charts.

With a dream-pop aesthetic in their music and four studio albums released within just eight years of being in the industry, there is no doubt that this band has powerful inspiration for their content. Their futuristic and low-lying upbeat music is one of a kind and what would be better than actually listening to them live! In order to highlight one of their most recent and well-appreciated albums, Season High, the Swedish band has announced a gig in Bristol.

With vocalist Yukimi Nagano, Fredrik Källgren Wallin playing bass guitar, Håkan Wirenstrand on keys and Erik Bodin on drums, the band creates a mesmerizing and riveting outcome of some really unique sounds. If you want to dance the night away, check out Little Dragon at the O2 in Bristol.