Listening Post #5

by Jed Fletcher

My laptop broke this week and it follows (naturally) that my life has been hell as result. But was that going to stop the Listening Post being written? The answer: apparently not! Hence cast your eyes upon the following five tracks that I, on behalf of the PearShaped family, urge you to have a peek at. Enjoy!

1.  Mind Enterprises – Chapita

A group of twenty-somethings draped in normcore and topped with hipster hairdos carouse around with electro-indie artist, Mind Enterprise, in the video to this, his latest release. It’s a combination of pronounced keyboards, star-spangled synths and splatters of bass, super interesting to listen to without becoming too much on the ears. I really like that sound of organised chaos and this young man has already perfected it – just a few songs into his career too!

2.  MOTHXR – Touch

Funky outfit Mother have re-graced the scene with their irresistible fusion of discotheque guitars and downbeat vocals and production. What makes this piece so engaging is its almost psych-like progressive style; working through a funky opening it drifts into something more chaotic and electro before leaping back up into a guitar-lead nostalgia track – it finally closes with a beautiful percussion-packed sequence.

3.  IAMBENJI – Found Me Now

Known offline as Benji Boko, our third artist this week falls into what I’d call the genre of “Post-Jai-Paul-Electro” – that is to say that this short song is of a similar ilk to some successful contemporary electro starlets such as Ben Khan or Nao. Found Me Now has its own very unique and seductive sound however, employing a retro vocalist with chanting samples that, against the odds, compliment the pangs of electronica magnificently.

4.  London O’Connor – Natural

Yeah, he’s got a weird name… but when someone mixes genres to such a great effect without compromising on quality, they can call themselves whatever they want. A chilled production that strays from traditional hip-hop by incorporating R&B and pop elements sits behind London’s gorgeous singing voice. But, determined not to impress with just those two pleasing aspects of Natural, the American slips into a few verses of rap too – I’ll be keeping my eyes on this guy, he’s real smooth…

5.  biLLLy – Confused Lover

A delicate beat is masked by several pitches and layers of funk guitar. Londoner biLLLY entices you with casual but superbly professional vocals; his lyrics are cool and interesting. The song is about identifying problems within a relationship – heavy stuff. So if you’re not into some mopey guy infecting your thoughts – just blur out the meaning and enjoy this for what it is: a plain beauty.