Listening Post #4

by Jed Fletcher

Yeah, so every couple of weeks I grab my soap box and hurl some musical recommendations out to you, our beloved PearShaped readership. I try to choose five recent/underappreciated/obscure singles from various genres, hoping that you might find them an interesting variance from whatever cool stuff you’re listening to right now. So without further ado:

1.  Novelist – Endz

It’s not like you had to have your ear to the ground over the last year to know that the Grime scene blew up, particularly with the arrival of Stormzy on the mainstream stage. Also amassing positive reviews and considerable attention is Stormzy’s fellow South Londoner, Novelist. His song Endz drips authenticity with its throwback beat and a video so insanely nostalgic of the Grime movement’s early days that I just can’t stop watching – we’re talking shell suits and 360p picture quality – amazing.

2.  Foxtrott – Beyond Our Means

Montreal electro vocalist, Foxtrott is someone who has been of great interest to me since she found her way into my downloads folder. Her production is something that needs to be properly savoured to be fully appreciated and her voice is marvellous and reminiscent of Kate Bush at times. Hit her up if you feel like jamming out just before a lecture.

3.  Du Tonc – We Can Hold On

The project of renowned disco producers, Mighty Mouse and Matt Van She, Du Tonc have launched a new single (something they don’t do that often). We Can Hold On commences with a rhythmic and natural progression which mutates into classic chill disco. Van She’s neutral tone is typically intriguing in its contrasting sound to the guitar-focused production.

4.  Phoria – Melatonin

Brighton outfit, Phoria are one of those groups whose electronic music gives you the impression that it has been assembled by a band who know really their music theory. Named after the sleep-inducing hormone, Melatonin, their first release in quite a while is appropriately named, given their sleepy vibe – but it’s not just another song like the ones you’d find on a YouTube playlist. Suave vocal samples, a stunning guitar backing and masterful percussion make this so much more.

5.  Joanna Newsom – Spokanikan

A gently ascending track, Spokanikan felt (to me) perfect for a student. The purity of Newsom’s crazily unique voice melts your insides into a crystalline pool of tranquillity. Ok, maybe that was a slightly indulgent metaphor, but you get the point. The simplicity of the instrumental (which is still very well composed) intertwines with those vocals to create the perfect song for a lazy, sunny day in cold November.

Check out our SoundCloud playlist for Listening Post #4 below.