Listening Post #3

by Jed Fletcher

Roll up one and all to this fortnight’s instalment of the PearShaped Listening Post. Every two weeks we’ll be dropping some songs we deem cool into your SoundCloud stream and Facebook feed. So without further ado, check out the new list!

1.  Lao Ra – Jesus Made Me Bad

I can’t help it but when I hear Colombian Export my mind turns to cocaine, but Lao Ra is giving us something just as energising with Jesus Made Me Bad. As you can tell by the name, it’s quite a provocative oeuvre – not only are the young singer’s lyrics (e.g. “I’m gonna flirt with your child and sleep with your mum”) pretty out there, but her deranged vocals are embellished with heavy, sticky synths and a bit of Caribbean influence for good measure too.

2.  Courage  Icarus

Hoxton-based label Black Butter Records has released this gem from producer, Courage – and wow. Icarus is one of those songs that can change a somnambulant house audience into classic ravers. The backbone of the track is rhythmically glorious, but beyond this Courage sprays jagged snare beats and disc scratches throughout. I thoroughly recommend you bang this on the next time you’re heading to Cavern or Phoenix.

3.  Lust For Youth – Better Looking Brother

If you like 80s pre-house electronica then I’d like to introduce you to Danish band Lust For Youth’s latest output. Ruthlessly authentic in its sound, the song starts with a subtle electronic beat accented by plucks of a sickly guitar. Enter the vocals which, like the instrumental, are utterly retro. Mopey lyrics and a balanced backing make it ideal for a rainy, English day.

4.  GL – Number One

Aussie duo GL recently dropped this gem, a textbook synth-pop beauty. The perky vibe transports the listener back to the days of bright-coloured dancefloors and unpretentious composition. GL’s singer’s voice blends with the bumpy sound of her partner-in-crime keyboardist to magnificent effect and I’d challenge you not to be in a good mood after a gander at their work!

5.  Blaenavon – Hell Is My Head

Just to clear things up, the name Blaenavon is stolen from a town in Wales, but it’s now also the name of this enthralling three-piece based in Liphook, just south of London. Their music is usually very tightly performed, this track being a great example. The vocals are intriguing and get a 1010 from me for clarity. The video for the record is set in the living room at a house party, encapsulating what I think Blaenavon’s music is all about – youthful celebration of everything, even the sad things.