Listening Post #27

by Daisy Nikoloska

1. MF DOOM & SADE / SADEVILLAIN – My Friends, Or Strangers?

Objectively, I don’t know if I can name anything better than SADEVILLAIN. Take two perfect artists, MF DOOM and Sade, combine them, and sit back and witness actual genius unfold before your ears. Whilst I’m not sure if SADEVILLAIN II is quite as brilliant as its predecessor, it’s certainly better than most mash ups. My Friends, Or Strangers? is the highlight of this mix for me; short, cleanly mixed, and highlights the best of both artists. More please.

2. Harrison BDP – Almond

There’s a new Harrison BDP track that’s so new it hasn’t even been released yet. The 12” It’s Foggy Outside single comes through at the end of August and – get this – has already sold out it’s pre order. Luckily for us, deep house lives forever through the internet, waiting to be spun into a thousand different heavy afters playlists. Although Almond is the B side, there’s something about the touch of garage which turns the mellow deep house tune into a euphoric stomper. Keep your eyes on Artesian Sounds, they’re doing good things right now.

3. Haim – Little Of Your Love

The sister act behind 2013’s summer soundtrack – Days Are Gone – have made their comeback with the newly released Something to Tell You, full of the LA summer vibes that have come to be expected from them. Little Of Your Love is the album’s second single, a laid back track that builds with claps, a few stomps, and some excellent backing vocals. It’s a grower not a shower, but the perfect feel good tune to listen to as the rest of the long summer rolls out in front of us.

4. Yaeji – Therapy

If you’ve been listening to any New York Boiler Rooms you may have come across Yaeji, as her vocals have been plastered onto a fair amount of tracks, most notably a reworking of Mall Grab’s Guap, and Drake’s PassionfruitLike Rich Chigga and Keith Ape, she is being heavily pushed by 88rising, and with good reason. Therapy, her latest track, is probably the weirdest thing I’ve heard this year. It may start off sounding like a vocal house number, but I bet I will be able to predict the exact moment that your brain is blown out of your skull. (1min 52 seconds, if you were wondering.)

5. fugitive – wallflowers

Lo-fi hip hop has been crawling around certain corners of the internet for years, but has been sneaking into the clean well-lit space of YouTube more recently as content creators are seeking music that isn’t copyrighted so they can monetise their videos. The good news for us is that these instrumental snippets are delicate and well crafted, making it feel as if you’re living inside an Animal Crossing town. The only information I could find about mt. fugitive is that they’re streaming straight from Reykjavík, Iceland. Not much of a surprise to anyone.

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