Listening Post #25

by Soey Kim

1. Midland - Final Credits

It seems only fitting that a Midland track appears on this Listening Post following the immense success of Exeter’s very own Our House event on Friday night. This track was both the finale and definitely the highlight of his energy fuelled three-hour set, and rightfully so. Final Credits got everybody going, capturing the jubilance of the night. What a great track and way to celebrate the end of exams. 2. Frank Ocean, Calvin Harris, Migo - Slide

I honestly have not been able to stop listening to this track for the past couple of weeks. I was sceptical of such a collaboration between Frank Ocean and Calvin Harris, but this track has disproved all my doubts. It is a perfect fusion of all artists - Frank’s rhythmically laid back style, met with the pop, catchy element present in Calvin Harris’ production, that is layered with Migo’s rap. All in all, it is a feel good, easy, summer track that you won’t be able to stop listening to. 3. Palms Trax Boiler Room Set, Sao Paolo

A friend of mine advised advised me to tune into Palms Trax Boiler Set in Sao Paolo, and I was not disappointed. The Berlin based DJ gives a diverse set, mixing tracks and fusing sounds from all over the world, whilst still staying true to his Berlin roots. The vibe of his entire set is a perfect equilibrium of house, techno and disco/funk. Do bare in mind that this is a 2 hour set, but what is fantastic about it is that it is guaranteed that any part you skip to will get you in best mood and make you want to dance.


4. Will Heard - I Better Love You

It’s been a long wait for the lead singer of Rudimental, Will Heard, to release a solo album, yet thankfully his solo debut has lived up to its expectations. I Better Love You is the first track on his album and is by far the most upbeat, catchy and fun. Personally, I think that this track is also the most interesting and impressive in terms of production. It has an 80s disco feel to it, with 80s inspired synths and a sharp snare that allows Will’s vocal range and ability to be explored to its full depth. This is a great dance track that is incredibly catchy and a great track for the summer. 5. Craig Richards - Sleeping Rough Original Mix

With Virgo Festival coming up this weekend, I am going to close this Listening Post with headliner, Craig Richards’, Sleeping Rough. It is slightly heavier and deeper than the Palms Trax set but equally as good. It’s steady beat levels out the heavy bass synths that gives it a more light-hearted feel. Hopefully this track will get everyone in the festival mood for the exciting week ahead!

Listen to the PearShaped Listening Post #22 Playlist below.