Listening Post #24

by Soey Kim

Image: Masego

The dissertations are in, exams are about to begin!

Alas, ‘tis a way ‘til the end, but there are great times that await us around the bend,

Let us patiently wait and see through this pain,

I hope this playlist will get you there, towards the finishing lane!

1. Fantasia - Not the Way I do - Jovonn Remix

This remix adds a light, funky, disco twist to Fantasia’s original march-like anthem. This is a great track to listen to if you are in need for some motivation or if you need some time to yourself and relax. This track has the perfect balance of funk, lightness and groove where you’re not bombarded with a heavy big bass or kick drum. This has a great summer groove to it that makes it a perfect track to listen to casually or for fun.

I would definitely recommend listening to the original Fantasia track to appreciate the brilliance of this remix.

2. Masego - Navajo

A slight change from the Fantasia track, but this live version of Masego’s Navajo will give you the chills. Using just his voice and a loop machine, Masego brings RnB, soul, jazz and Hip Hop – fusing elements of Kanye, Frank Ocean and KAYTRANADA together in one track. The backup vocals and production on this track is the real show-stealer of this track and this is a great track to relax to. I would also recommend watching this version on the Colors Show official website - centred around simplicity, shown in their use of a single block coloured backdrop in an empty room with just the artist really brings the whole beauty of the track together.

3. Biig Piig - Vice City

Biig Piig haunts you with her soft, delicate, almost fragile voice. The track is beautifully simple: a bell synthesiser, a pad, an electric drum that compliments Biig Piig’s voice. She might not have the most powerful voice, but power lies within the simplicity of her music that has the ability to melt and send you to that happy, relaxed place of serenity.

4. Toby - You Know Me So Well

This is one of my favourite songs that have been released in 2017. I would go as far as to coining Toby as the male version of Amy Winehouse. His quick vibrato is put in the spotlight by the simple instrumental and clean production of this track. This track creates an atmosphere that takes you back through multiple eras, rock, jazz, blues and soul with a hint of modernity. The lyrics may be simple, but Toby’s delivery adds a certain level of gravitas that makes you connect with him and what he is singing.

5. Water Gibbons -  It’s A Better Than Good Time Remix

I’m ending this playlist with a Walter Gibbons mix of the original Gladys Knight & The Pips’ It’s A Better Than Good Time. This track has a steady beat and feel to it, but it’s not too monotonous and has surprising disco/funk elements here and there to keep you smiling and in a good mood. Hopefully this track will keep some of your spirits up high; the end is nigh!