Listening Post #23

by Soey Kim

A week to go before those dissertations are in and term begins! To everyone who is suffering in the library, whose wallets are bleeding dry from excessively purchasing those 99p filter coffees from Pret, this is a playlist to help you get through these next couple of weeks.

1. Frank Ocean - Chanel

By jove. It must be a sign from the Gods and recognising our hard work, because Frank Ocean has just released three singles this month! Having only just released Blond last year, Frank has graced us with singles Chanel, Biking, and Lens. Staying true to Frank, I have chosen his track Chanel to feature on this week’s listening post. Chanel is everything you that you want and love from a Frank Ocean track. Smooth vocals, simple yet intricate instrumentals and beautiful producing. If the fact that we have been graced with three Frank Ocean tracks doesn’t get you through these next couple of weeks, I don’t know what will.

2. Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog

Again! By jove! With his highly anticipated album being released in May, Mac has gifted us three singles: On the Level, My Old Man and This Old Dog. This track, that has the same title of his upcoming album, is incredibly simple. An acoustic guitar, subtle hints of a synthesiser and a drum machine that prompts us to listen to his voice and warming lyrics. Listening to this song only leaves you wanting more new DeMarco but luckily, the wait is not long.

3. Kendrick Lamar - XXX feat U2.

If you haven’t listened to Kendrick’s new album, I cannot recommend enough that you do. DAMN. is incredibly well though out and this track in particular is a beautiful collaboration between Kendrick and Bono. Upon first listen it might seem rather distracting that Kendrick explores different styles, different tones and melodies. However, he takes you through a story and it truly is a beautiful ending when Bono comes in the track and Kendrick riffs off Bono’s haunting vocals.

4. Kasabian - Are You Looking for Action?

This is Kasabian’s latest single, and having been AWOL for the last three years, they’ve certainly made a statement with their disco/funk track. What’s great about this track is that the focus is purely on the instrumentals, with only a few layered vocals. It’s an easy, fun track that you can relax and work to, but it’s funky enough to dance to as well.

5. Toro Y Moi - Omaha

This is a beautiful track that stays true to Toro Y Moi’s core style. This time, however, it’s a lot more laid back and has a greater acoustic feel than what we usually expect from Toro. Nevertheless, it’s an easy, relaxed listen that will get you through your day.

Listen to the PearShaped Listening Post #23 Playlist below.