Listening Post #2

by Jed Fletcher

1. Five Minutes – Her

Brutally whining guitar notes have never sounded so good in this simple but magnificently worked track. The vocalist’s natural charisma provides an effortless quality to the song and envelopes the listener. Soft synths in the background complete the balance, tempering the piece between pangs and ascensions of that luscious guitar.

2. We’re Not Just Friends – Parks, Squares and Alleys

Despite being a young man from Moscow, multi-instrumentalist Sergey Khavro has a beautifully soft, American accented singing voice. In this, his latest release, an uber-chilled chord sequence sets the pace throughout Khavro’s indie tribute to his intriguing friendship with a girl who “calls me brother” but who “want[s] me just all the time”. The song’s chorus is reminiscent of an early 2000’s rom-com soundtrack – delicate melody coupled with subtle percussion. It’s simply an indie-pop winner.

3. Priestess – Pumarosa

Fingers dance on a bass guitar to kick off this low-key psych tune. A female vocalist utters lyrics over the top of the bassline to complete a totally alluring feel. The next progression is fuelled by the lead guitar’s introduction, first with messy, metallic standalone notes, then a wonderful riff. It’s about halfway through that you go from liking the track to scrambling to download it. Brass, a subtle backbeat and wailing backup vocals conclude this embodiment of why psychedelic rock is just so great.

4. New Bohemia – Transviolet

I’ve had a major crush on 4-piece Transviolet since they came under my radar a month or two ago. Their EP has just been released and it’s a cracker! Their first release, Girls Your Age was a haunting electro-indie ballad lamenting naivety – New Bohemia is the polar opposite. The production immediately has you thinking of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, but then the lead vocals burst through for the chorus, giving an epic pop track that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that we love to hear.

5. Never Going Out (feat. Steffaloo) – Dromes

I think it was earlier this year that Grimes posted a tune by electro artist, Dromes, and I mistook it for her own work. Dromes’ new oeuvre is a solidly composed electro piece comprising the most basic of beats, a subtle yet entrancing arpeggio of synth and accompanying female vocals. Think of this track as one for the journey home after a long day at work or in the library – it’s meditative and wholly captivating the more you listen.

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