Listening Post #12

by Jed Fletcher

This week’s Listening Post comprises of tracks of years past, tracks I eagerly await to hear in the near future and latest works from some very cool and PearShaped-approved artists. I hope you’ll join us in appreciating this fortnight’s instalment of individual gems:

1. Innocence – Eriel Indigo

Tipped by loads of people to be a major “one to watch” in the 2016 pop scene, Eriel Indigo’s style is a marvellous fusion of confrontation and provocativeness with cutesy and youthful vibes. Fully involved with her music and personal marketing, the Californian’s currently limited portfolio is set against a supremely odd context of her telling of an intergalactic story through music.

Her debut track Innocence makes this entry of the Listening Post thanks to its sheer listenability. With a mixture of Grimes-style electro production (augmented by prevalent, bass-heavy synths), Indigo’s high-pitched, schoolgirl vocals and to-the-point lyrics, Innocence has it all as a first release. For more cheeky smut and gripping pop production, keep your ears perked for the fledgling starlet’s future work.

2. For3st – Pyramid

I actually came across this track because its French creator, Pyramid is supporting Breakbot at a club night I’ll be attending next week. For fans of Breakbot, it’ll be clear why I was delighted by For3st as a sample of what I could expect for the rest of the night following the headliner’s performance. For3st blends summery, funk vibes with pinches of deep house and bassy electro. From the gripping initial assembly of the main elements of the track at the onset to the entrancing simplicity of the house-feels that conclude the track, Pyramid’s latest record a total mastery of a plethora of modern electro sub-genres.

3. Foreign Bodies – Radiation City

Formed in the green ridden city of Portland OR, Radiation City have been active for a while now but haven’t made a great deal of breakthrough. However, their success looks to be inevitable as their reputation spreads through the sphere of online music reviews.

Foreign Bodies is kicked off with a melange of panpipes, chilled out guitar chords and sharp percussion. Moving into the main body of the track we are transported into the fray of a textbook indie-rock composition fitted with lo-fi female vocals, excellent backup vocals and a feel-good instrumental. For all daytime activities this fortnight, choose Foreign Bodies.

4. A Girl Like You – Kate Boy

For me, one of the standout artists of 2015, Kate Boy are back in typically intense fashion following their album One at the back end of last year. A Girl Like You is just as full-on as any other piece by the Swedish outfit – the loud electro production and engaging percussion guidance very much intact. If you’re a previous fan of Kate Boy: celebrate! If you’re new to the electro duo: get on it ASAP!

5. The Words – Freedom Fry

Franco-American duo, Freedom Fry are maintaining their record of releasing a new track seemingly whenever I feel like they should. The Words is one of their best pieces, which is really saying something considering their still relatively small collection of releases has afforded them international performances and a tour with Stromae.

Unlike most of their earlier records, The Words is venturing away from the pop-folk sound that they’ve so effectively mastered over the last couple of years. There are electro elements that, contrary to the usual effect, work well with and compliment the rest of the instrumental. Lyrically the song is quite basic, but this isn’t really a surprise and actually I think this is a good thing because it gives the listener more opportunity to soak up the Spanish vibes found in the guitar elements of the backing and the pangs of country-western melodies which accent them.