Listening Post #1

by Jed Fletcher

Just over a year and a half since its conception, PearShaped’s oldest column, the Listening Post, ushers in its third writer, Jed Fletcher. Whether it’s a stunning song off an obscure album or a brand new single, this fortnightly column aims to share with you a few elusive tracks that PearShaped deems unmissable.

1.  Went to War – Amason

One of those great bands formed by already-established musicians, Amason recently released their debut album, Sky City. One of their members, Pontus Winnberg, did produce the backing to Britney Spears’ pop juggernaut, Toxic; but from the delectable bass line that commences the track to the sudden, raised-pitch crescendo which kicks off the chorus, it’s a masterclass in proper indie from the squadron of talented Swedes.

2. Voodoo Ray – A Guy Called Gerald

This next one is actually a step back to 1988, and the beginning of acid house in the UK. With house music now in the peak of its dominance in the UK – now accompanying revision, not just MDMA – I thought I’d relay the exquisitely composed piece onto you now, just as another year of awesome Exeter house nights begins. One of Noel Gallagher’s desert island discs, I’d suggest adding it to your Freshers’ Week selection too.

3. The Race – Oh Pep!

Melbourne multi-instrumentalist duo Oh Pep! are soon to deliver their Living EP, and if you listen to this song, I think you might join me in my enthusiasm for this record. The song progresses effortlessly from the sole, echoing vocals at the offset through a pattering of soft bass drums and snare, then into the full composition, equipped with guitars and bass as well. The talent of the pair is epitomised in this way the song flicks between up and down-tempo almost without you noticing – truly exceptional.

4. See You Believe Me – Candide

At the beginning of the summer Candide, a band whose whole vibe is amongst the coolest I’ve experienced, released the Detract EP which featured this dumbfounding piece. The first element of the song to emerge is the staccato, snare-heavy drumbeat. Synth notes and a cold, enticing voice fade in, then the chorus strikes you. The vocals fade but become more passionate, and the song’s most attractive element, a hypnotic xylophone, breaks out and wholly captures your attention. Hopefully we’ll have an album soon from the young Brooklynites.

5. Fog (feat. Ana Zimmer) – Jabberwocky

Out since spring, Jabberwocky’s last single has received little attention considering the cult obsession their previous tracks Pola and Photomaton inspired. Their music is an enthralling concoction of drums, house beats and synth, always allied with a collaborators’ airy vocals. Fog is an immensely entrancing track and a wonderful advert for Lunar Lane, the upcoming LP.

Check out our SoundCloud playlist for this year’s first Listening Post below.