Liam Gallagher and Ray Boy

by Amy White

Photo credit: Rankin/WBR Press.

After releasing As You Were, arguably one of the best-named albums of the last ten years, Liam Gallagher is embarking on a world tour, including glamorous locations such as Bangkok, New York and, most importantly, Plymouth. Aside from being the more talented of the two Gallagher brothers, the former Oasis frontman’s infamous, uh, personality is sure to make the gig unmissable. You can expect waterproof jackets, audience members proudly wielding their potato peelers, and the thickest Mancunian accent to come into the west country since Tony Warren went on a caravanning holiday in Cornwall.

Gallagher’s music has, if anything, improved since his days as part of a band. His latest effort shows how much of an asset such creative freedom has been to him, and you can expect the music to be as good as, if not better, than the ad-libbing in between.