Laura Marling

by Jessikah Hope Stenson

Photo credit: Mike Massaro, DIY.

This March Laura Marling is taking to stages around the UK in celebration of her latest album Semper Femina. The first track previewed, Soothing, has garnered attention for not only its innovative feel but the artistic music video that accompanies it.

From her debut Alas, I Cannot Swim, (2008) which launched her career with folk-favourite Ghosts, through her middle period of I Speak Because I Can (2010), Laura Marling built a name for herself for her poetic lyrical style and masterful guitar work.

Winner of the Best British Female Solo artist at the 2011 Brit Awards, Laura released her third album A Creature I Don’t Know that year and toured across Cathedrals in the UK. Following that, Once I Was An Eagle (2013) and Short Movie (2015) marked a transition period in which Laura favoured electric guitar over her previous acoustic instrumentation.

In 2016 Laura Marling hosted her own podcast titled Reversal Of The Muse, discussing feminism in the music industry alongside an array of guests. Now she is breaking away from her major record deal to release Semper Femina through her own label More Alarming Records. This exciting move will allow Marling the creative control she’s been speaking out about for years and is an exciting time for long-term fans as well as new listeners.

In short: to hear one of the 21st Century’s greatest singer-songwriters, get yourself to The Lemmy this March.