Kiko Bun

by Robbie Taylor

On 25th October Kiko Bun will bring his laid back mix of reggae combined with base to Bristol’s Louisiana. Kiko Bun, otherwise known as Federico Marin, grew up in North London listening to music ranging from more classical music to hip hop. These influences all add to the background of infectious reggae rhythms. This often shows itself in the inclusion of jazz inspired guitar and trumpet riffs, or even the frequent move towards ska like rhythms. Many of his songs also have dubby vibes to them.

The most obvious inspiration for Kiko’s music would be Bob Marley. However, others such as Dennis Brown as well as The Gladiators also act as his inspiration. This, as well as his love for London based culture, play a large part in creating the catchy rhythms of his songs. Recording in Studio One - an iconic name in the evolution of reggae- has also played a large role in the creation of Kiko’s soulful sounds.

Kiko Bun’s sound is often reminiscent of The Specials, with the song Shy Man in particular bringing Ghost Town to mind. The ease at which these comparisons can be made validates claims by Huck magazine that he is “destined for big things”. If you are a fan of bass driven reggae rhythms, then this is an unmissable gig.