Keston Cobblers Club

by George Robinson

Since their debut album four years ago, Keston Cobblers’ Club have very busy indeed; sharing their irresistibly charming folk sound with everyone that will listen. This five-piece consists of a group of old school friends, fronted by brother and sister duo Matthew and Julia, who bring a raw, contemporary folk sound.

They have taken their music around the world, performing at Glastonbury and The Great Escape to name but a few. Last year they released their second album entitled ‘Wildfire’. This unusual name for the album comes from their delightful four part harmonies and their folky percussion instrumental, which takes you on a musical journey, “moving around a lot, spreading, and growing,” the very characteristics of wildfire. This album pulled in new audiences and uncovered fans such as Dermot O’’Leary who said, “”Every song is an absolute killer, …they’’re terrific””.  If for some unbeknown reason you don’’t trust Dermot, you can go and check them out for yourselves at Colston Hall in Bristol, on the 23rd of October.

So, if you are interested in getting “your sole healed” (get it, because they are called Keston Cobblers…) then go and enjoy an evening of foot stomping music, based around old Folklore.