Kate Nash

by Calum Mason

Ten years ago, Kate Nash’s depiction of a failing relationship provided us with one of the catchiest tunes we’re ever likely to hear. However, the singer-songwriter is capable of far more than popular bouncy tunes. Whilst Nash has continued to provide us great playful tunes her music has also veered into darker waters lyrically, albeit without the commercial success Foundations found in 2007.  On Thursday 26th February Exeter’s Phoenix will play host to the talented Londoner.

As a strong multi-instrumentalist Nash’s talents stretch further than her lyrical prowess, leading to her 2008 Brit Award as Best Female Artist. The tuneful bouncy sound from debut Made of Bricks continues through into 2010’s My Best Friend Is You. However, concentrating more on the topic of her own mental illness creates a more relatable depiction of distress than the doom-and-gloom of other more self-indulgent artists. These upbeat anthems with more thoughtful lyrics will definitely get any crowd jumping about and enjoying the night. Nash has also added some heavier, at least by her own standards, songs to her repertoire with 2013’s Girl Talk which coincides with the feminist activism the singer has involved herself with over the last few years. In the wake of “he-who-shall-not-be-named’s” presidential inauguration and the subsequent women’s marches, Nash is sure to provide her audience with a hopeful message if the sound of her songs are anything to go by. The energy of Nash and the strong emotion put into her songs is sure to come out in an evening of immersive and enjoyable live music when she plays at The Phoenix on Thursday 16th February.