Jonas Blue

by Jonny McKinnell

While the rest of us were having a decidedly poor time in 2016, Jonas Blue must have been loving life. The 27-year-old English DJ, born Guy James Robin, broke through into mainstream success this year with his tropical house cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car reaching number 2 on the UK Charts in January. Following this was the summer release Perfect Strangers featuring JP Cooper, which also hit number 2 and was certified platinum in the UK. His third single By Your Side also managed to break into the Top 20, showing that Jonas Blue’s pop derivative style of EDM has carved him a place in the UK’s mainstream music scene.

If you’re a fan of dance-pop or you’ve been a big follower of Jonas Blue’s career then you have the opportunity to hear his music live, as the DJ will be performing at the SWX in Bristol on 27th January. This will likely be a great way to experience Jonas Blue’s work as his genre of music is crafted with the club scene in mind so the addition of lots of alcohol, club lighting and crowds of sweaty people will probably provide the full effect EDM should have.

Even if you’re not usually a follower of his music, and you’re just looking for a great time to get drunk and have a boogie, a night out with a professional, successful DJ will surely be a hell of a lot more memorable than the average night out in Arena.

Sorry ‘bout it DJ Willby.