by Nicole Costa

With lively guitar solos, melodic vocals and the colourful sounds of electronic keyboards, JAWS bear a striking resemblance to the bizarreness and uniqueness of the Cure in their early days. We might have heard music like this before in the form of bands like DIIV, but there is something undeniably innovative about their modern take on the indie rock genre. They combine dream pop and new wave elements to create music that makes the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon at the beach or a hot summer night with your best friends. JAWS will make you feel a peculiar 90s nostalgia as they sing about youth, love and friendship, but there is nothing gloomy about this band’s music. In fact, it’s hard to listen without feeling compelled to move to their groovy sound.

The Birmingham-based trio is often associated with their local music scene that goes by ‘B-Town’, labelled as ‘’the best place in the UK to look to for the most exciting new music’’ by the Independent. And it is, if you consider that JAWS have proved to be one of the most promising up-and-coming Birmingham bands since they formed in 2012. Touring alongside bands like Peace and Swim Deep, JAWS have worked hard to incorporate themselves in the indie scene outside of their local sphere, releasing two EPs before dropping their first album Be Slowly in 2014. Now they return on November 4th with their sophomore album Simplicity, which will include the four already-released singles that have set our expectations for the new album quite high.

Listening to JAWS is more than just listening, it’s experiencing – and it’s certainly an experience indie fans and gig-goers should have. Finally, after nearly a year since their last proper UK tour, they return with 7 shows and a fresh sound. Experience JAWS for yourself on November 23rd in Bristol, and be prepared for a night of dancing and pure bliss.