Jamie Lawson

by Amy White

Since he’s been signed to Ed Sheeran’s excellently-named label, Gingerbread Man Productions, it should come as no surprise that Jamie Lawson’s “disarmingly emotional” acoustic sound can be heard at its best live. He is best known for Wasn’t Expecting That, an achingly sweet song chronicling the story of a couple from their first kiss to final bereavement which showcases his soulful style without need for unnecessary accompaniment or post-editing. And this talent hasn’t gone unnoticed, either: he and his guitar can be found performing everywhere from opening for One Direction to the studio of Ellen DeGeneres. On the stage of the Plymouth Pavilions you can expect his simple, heartfelt songs to be sung with as much intimacy as someone performing to a crowd of fifty. This especially will be a stand-out gig as Lawson, born and raised in Plymouth, will no doubt channel the emotions of returning home into a unique performance.

Alone on stage with a single instrument, Jamie Lawson can create the kind of emotional impact many artists fail to achieve live with a full band, meaning that seeing him perform is an opportunity not to be missed – especially since, with the orange-tinted powerhouse of Sheeran behind him, his career can only be on an upward trajectory. He’s already achieved a #1 debut album and has previously undergone a sold-out tour, so to have someone so successful and yet so intimately charming in his music is a blessing to have so closely rooted to Exeter. Catch him while you can at the Plymouth Pavilions on Thursday 27th October.