James Blake

by Elena Browning

Now with three album releases under his belt, the most recent of which being The Colour of Anything in May 2016, James Blake is certainly making tracks in the industry. Profiting off of the ever-changing music scene, Blake experiments with his style in each new release, making him an exciting artist to follow. His popular cover of Feist’s The Limit to Your Love shows listeners just what he can do with other people’s music, and yet it is worlds away from the intense electronic sound of one his new tracks I Hope My Life. A little variety never hurt anybody however; and the beauty of James Blake is his ability to make the most of the different sounds at his disposal.

In a world of pumping techno beats and unwritten formulas which shoot songs straight to the number one spot, some might describe Blake’s music as slightly dreary. To most however, it’s clear that Blake excels at emotionally charged, moody music; music which reaches the listener right through their headphones, chilling and soothing them with his impeccable melodies. It will certainly be interesting to see how this translates onto the concert stage; I can imagine Blake’s often haunting melodies would fill the arena with an enchanted feel, and the exciting buzz of a fresh, modern sound.

One thing’s for sure, Blake will be putting on an intriguing and enjoyable performance at the O2 in Bristol, showcasing the depth of his talent and giving the audience an evening of rich and soulful music. You’ll be missing out if you don’t get tickets to this one.