Jake Morley

by Chloe Chatard

What other way to spend a cold monotonous November evening than to drift through the crisp, impelling sounds of Jake Morley?

Performing his new album, The Manual, the North London artist guides us through intimate feelings of love, self-loss and emotional turmoil, narrating his own world of complex thoughts through the simple yet beautiful strumming of strings and the captivating rawness of his voice. Merging lyrics of pure sincerity and unique songcraft, the singer-songwriter veritably invites us into a myriad of musical catharsis.

With airy, overlapping vocal harmonies and mesmerising instrumentals, he takes us on an experimental journey through indie, pop and folk, bringing a modern twist to the classic genres. From upbeat euphonies to smooth and delicate melodies, his artistic craft remains bewildering to the ear, whilst his lyrics continuously encompass the beauty of emotions. Beyond any doubt, the emotional baggage so deeply embedded within his songs will certainly leave you breathless and eager for more.

As described by Music, the album is truly “an undeniable melodic and lyrical piece of art”.

An upcoming and talented artist he certainly is, and one who dares not disappoint.

Without fail, Morley proves to be a true original through the innovative genius of his 2nd album and will most certainly stun everyone once again this 19th of November at the Bristol Thekla. A lyrical voyage not to be missed.