Jack Savoretti

by Connor Jackson

From a young age, artist Jack Savoretti loved writing poetry, but at 14 he picked up the guitar for the first time to add music to his words. His early writing hinted at a formula for success.

Bursting onto the scene and likened at a young age to Paolo Nutini, a fellow Anglo-Italian singer-songwriter, it seemed Savoretti was destined for fame. Yet his time had not quite come.

Resisting pressure from his managers to create mainstream music, he chose to pursue his own artistic style, nearly ending his musical career in the process. After a hiatus of many years, spending time perfecting his craft, his resistance and determination shines through brilliantly in his 2015 album Written In Scars. Portraying a chapter in his life story, the album speaks volumes of his character and his style. Brooding, moody, reflective and yet optimistic, his 2015 album is the genius fusion of a Jeff Buckley-come-George Ezra sound which leaves the listener wanting more. He pairs soft and elegant guitar riffs with a powerful, raspy voice to create an unlikely musical harmony. Evocative but simple, his sound proves that all it takes is one man and his guitar.

With Savoretti hitting his stride, his latest European tour will follow the release of his upcoming album Sleep No More, out October 28th. For the next chapter in the Savoretti story, see his live show at Bristol on Saturday 5th November.