Isaac Indiana

by Colin Bugler

You guys have just released your first LP a few months ago, and we last saw you at the Enchanted Garden Ball. What have you been up to over the summer? And what’s planned for the next few months? Yes we recently released Borderlines which, as with Speak Up, our debut EP, was recorded at Orbital Studios in Jersey by our good friend and brilliant producer Thomas Saunter. Although we’ve been keeping things ticking over with a few gigs here and there, we’ve had a bit of a relaxed summer - mainly song writing. We’re planning on recording a few more singles over the Easter holidays. Other than that our plans will be to ramp things up again now that uni has started!

Leading on from the last question.. Any interesting gigs recently? The highlight gig of the summer has to be the Grad Ball. Only a couple of days before I was getting a big hug from Floella in my gown on the same stage in the Great Hall that we performed on. Very surreal. The crowd was awesome and it’s always fun playing on a big stage like that.

We’re pretty excited that you’ll be playing at our launch on 1 October. What can people expect who’ve never heard you guys before? Well, we’re pretty excited to be playing. As well as our originals we have a collection of covers that we perform, so we always try and tailor our performance to the audience. We’re assuming that PearShaped is going to draw a decent crowd of music lovers so we’ll likely play mostly originals in this instant. Our sound is pretty much indie-rock, progressing on from the indie-pop sound of our debut EP, and we hope that we can deliver a high energy, entertaining performance for you!

It’s an exciting time for music at the moment, with some big bands releasing albums in September.. Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon etc… What are you most looking forward to? This is probably not a particularly “cool” opinion, but for me it’s The 2020 Experience Part 2 by Justin Timberlake. I never really used to be in to his stuff but Part 1 was just so well done. 8 minute plus tracks, incredible production, amazing arrangements and some of the songs are not just composed well, but interesting. Also, Ella Janes is rumoured to be releasing a new EP in a couple of months, which will undoubtedly be incredible.