Introducing: Vaults

by Colin Bugler

No, not the Gandy Street bar. Vaults are a London-based band (as far as we know) with more mystery surrounding their debut single than I had previously thought possible in the internet age. With only three posts on a Facebook page that boasts just upwards of 1,200 likes, a total of five tweets from a twitter account, and nothing new in the last month, Vaults seem to all the world like little more than an elaborate hoax, or an A-Level student’s marketing project gone viral.

However, dig deeper and you will be rewarded with a stunning single in the band’s only track, Cry No More. Opening with a plinky glockenspiel riff, the track quickly fires up into a lofty, orchestral studio arrangement, building in layers of piano and strings. Vocally, Vaults are female-fronted Imagine Dragons, evoking the sounds of Ellie Goulding or more recently, London Grammar, with elements of Kate Bush lurking behind the scenes as well. A dubstep-informed beat surfaces around the minute mark, continuing to build anticipation towards a beautifully cathartic conclusion. Oh, and it’s got nearly 300,000 plays on SoundCloud…

Hit up their wonderfully minimal website for a taste of the single and their mailing list. Ears to the ground on this one.