Introducing: Lucky Punks

by Kate Giff

Here at PearShaped, we like to encourage students bands who are grafting daily to make a name for themselves in the music industry. The focus of this introducing, Lucky Punks, are no exception to this. The group is made up of four guys in their early twenties, mostly originating from Buckinghamshire/Berkshire, but working largely in and around Newcastle where Drummer Adam Pizey and Bassist Tom Harrison were - up to this year -  studying. Recently, Lucky Punks welcomed Cameron Smith on keys/ guitar, which has already strengthened an already solid sound.

Last Monday, the band released single Want You To Say, depicting going back to your ex and trying to keep them as an ex: “And I just want you to say you want me again/ But I don’t want you to say you love me instead.” Lead singer Ross Kelly cites New Wave influences for the group’s sound, but there are indie/rock features evident throughout their catalogue and in this track. The drums are strong from the introduction, the bass is gritty in the verses and the chorus is ridiculously catchy. All in all, this single shows the mainstream potential that this group has.

For a relatively new and young band, Lucky Punks already have an impressively cohesive sound. It’s clear that this is a band that knows what they want to achieve with their music, and they know how to go about doing it. Already, they’ve established a strong sound that is just theirs, helped by the unusual twang of Kelly that is every so slightly reminiscent of a young Alex Turner. It’s also clear from the tracks they’ve already released that this music is intelligent; each verse and chorus seems to be crafted with care and every piece fits well together. Lyrically, there are also no short cuts taken, with stories being moulded in every song, and some stand out one-liners, my favourite being from My Friend Sam: “Red lips, french tips, mighty aphrodite at 6 ft 6.”

So far, Lucky Punks have been playing the sweatiest intimate venues across the country, supporting other up and coming acts such as Blaenavon and MONEY, and earning themselves an admirable following. They’re an impressive live act, with each member of the group working well together, and Kelly’s unique voice always on point, even in the faster tracks.  There’s no denying that the world of the indie boy band is somewhat oversaturated, with every skinny jean wearing lad and his guitar churning something out. However, for every 5 trite bands singing about sex, drugs and indie rock, you find a group who manage to avoid cliches. In my opinion, Lucky Punks and the bands they associate with fall into the latter category, and have the determination, talent and musical intellect to go far. They’re definitely one to watch.  

Catch the band’s latest releases, including Want You To Say on their Bandcamp page andSoundcloud and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.