Introducing: Creeper

by Ollie Haynes

Photo Credit: Upset Magazine

After several years of small-time touring in a dead end hardcore band Will Gould and Ian Miles were almost ready to throw in the towel. Thankfully when that band fell apart they decided to give life in a band one more shot, they changed their style, recruited some new members and created Creeper.

The Southampton six-piece are difficult to assign a genre; think My Chemical Romance, AFI and Misfits if they were British and obsessed with purple, though this still doesn’t quite capture their essence. Their sound is a mixture of rock and punk with a gothic twist, however they occasionally deviate entirely on songs like Misery and Lie Awake. Gould’s vocal range is one of their most striking features as it gives the band enormous versatility allowing them to transition from unbridled aggression to painfully melancholic at the drop of a hat.

Overall, they are a highly theatrical entity; centring many songs and marketing strategies around the disappearance of James Scythe, a fictional investigator into paranormal phenomena. I was fortunate enough to see them at 2000 Trees Festival in the summer so I can assure you that they’re brilliant live. Though, I feel that the dark energy they bring to their performances is more suited to indoor venues where the crowd can really get involved, than the sweltering heat of a festival stage.

The band have so far released three EPs and the lead single from their upcoming debut album, Eternity In Your Arms. They won the Best British Newcomer at the 2016 Kerrang awards and Suzanne, the aforementioned lead single, has just been made Radio 1 track of the day. Creeper are going places fast so listen to them now and have bragging rights when they inevitably become a success.