Introducing: Ace Of Spades

by Jack Reid

There’s a new kid in town. If you’ve got your finger on the pulse in Exeter when it comes to dance music headliners (and let’s face it, you probably do), you may have heard about Ace Of Spades. This new promotion group are hitting Exeter with a confident first lineup. All sporting the coveted Eton Messy stamp of approval, the headliners are Liable, The Golden Boy, and Applebottom. It’s way too impressive a lineup for a new outfit putting on their first humble night, so what’s the deal?

I spoke to the Ace Of Spades team, who told me about Ace Of Spades’ Bristolian origin story. “We wanted to create more than just a series of events with booked DJs,” he tells me. “We were aiming for a brand that’s immediately recognisable and relatable”. So, on the incredible fertile ground of Bristol, a seed was planted. They set out to create a community, “a musical and social experience that people can’t get anywhere else,” and I can’t deny that they’ve succeeded in strident terms. Artful Dodger, the garage guru himself, has assumed the decks for Ace Of Spades, as has rapid riser XXXY. Looking back through their back-catalogue, there’s little to be left unimpressed by.

It seems that Exeter’s burgeoning bass scene can be heard all across the South West, with more and more attention being directed towards our lumpy burg. “There is a lot of demand for quality house bookings,” say Ace Of Spades. You’re damn right there is. Over the past couple of years, Exeter students and residents have been wild in their appetite for cutting edge bass music across all genres. Huge promoters from further afield moving toward Exeter and giving supply to demand, is only the next logical step.

And supply they will. Ace Of Spades promise to spread that unique Bristol spirit and also to add a local touch by delivering the most appropriate experience. Strongly rejecting a stale and formulaic format, Ace Of Spades won’t be settling into one particular venue in the city. They will instead be finding the best venue for particular lineups, and that isn’t necessarily limited to nightclubs either. Ace Of Spades are already planning an event in an alternative space very unlike what we’ve seen before. All in all then, look out for Ace Of Spades - or get left behind.