Idris Elba

by Amy White

Photo credit: Simon Emmett, Esquire.

Okay, so I’m not sure which one of you sold your soul for this to happen but thank you, whoever you are, because oh my God, Idris Elba is coming to the Lemmy. On the 28th of April our humble Lemon Grove is being graced with one of the most well-known acts to even acknowledge the West Country exists, let alone pay us a personal visit. Elba has done sets at the Venetian, on Madonna’s world tour, and now he’s truly stepping up his game by visiting our VK-baptised halls.

When he’s not too busy being a Hollywood actor, winning various accolades for his other work and general physical being, and swanning around in velvet suits with Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala (don’t we all, Idris), Elba produces Billboard-nominated EPs and albums such as the seminal Murdah Loves John, a character album for the BBC drama Luther, which he also starred in. Elba has also collaborated with artists like Jay-Z, Mumford and Sons, and Skepta; he has also performed a rap for Loose Tapestries, Noel Fielding’s band. This is a collaboration we needed but didn’t deserve. With support from local acts Mongo, Kowala and Wild Sleep, I can guarantee that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Idris Elba, you guys. Stay calm.