Hunter and The Bear

by Thom Vigor

Photo credit: Prescription PR.

Online music is more accessible than ever right now, and the ‘Discover’ tab on Spotify has become the make-or-break for many aspiring musicians. This means that the production of great online material is the primary goal of artists looking to attract new listeners – and live performances have taken a backseat as a result. Hunter and The Bear are focused on being “the best live band on the planet” in a world ruled by online music consumption. Can they succeed? In any case, it’s easy to appreciate the novelty of this throwback to the music industry before the internet.

The band has come from performing in pubs in small Scottish villages, to practicing in a shipping container in a London car park, to sharing the stage with the likes of Eric Clapton and Van Morrison. The frontmen and founders, Jimmy Hunter and Will “The Bear” Irvine, aren’t really interested in pushing musical boundaries or developing a new sound; instead they’re innovators of the stage, looking to give their audiences the best live performances ever. Their sound reflects this – ranging from lush, soft singing material, to much harsher songs that straddle the line between hard rock and metal – it ensures a varied live show that promises to be anything but boring.

Hunter and the Bear have been making waves in the British rock scene for a few years, and there’s a chance to see them live now following the release of their debut full-length album, Paper Heart. Their sound draws inspiration from a plethora of rock sub-genres, and has been influenced by 1970’s rock legends such as Eric Clapton and Lynyrd Skynyrd, as well as modern rock kings such as Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro. Rock fans with interests anywhere within the genre are all sure to find something they love at this live performance, happening on the 16thof November at the Phoenix.