Hippo Campus

by David Gwyer

Photo credit: Grand Jury Music.

Hm. When the first sentence to roll off my tongue is to try and describe a band by comparing them to so many others, it goes to show how hard it can be to isolate and appreciate what said band excels at; Hippo Campus aim to rub a rather competitive itch in terms of genre, ‘indie’ pop, and although they may not be making musical history with their hits, every song is delicately put together to say the least.

Just February of this year the first full-length album to come of Hippo Campus was released, landmark, and what a journey it was. Their percussion remains intelligent, though their atmosphere has become almost eerie, carrying a dreamscape imagery wherever they take the listener. While the pushed singles from this album are often where the music finds itself most generic, and this is likely going to take up some of the setlist for their upcoming gig, I can say with relief that previous singles and EP hits carry much more of a rock and incentive kick. SOUTH from 2015 brings some legitimately engaging and exciting tracks to the band’s resumé (particularly Dollar Bill and Violet).

Hippo Campus at the Fleece is unmissable; they are four musicians playing their heart out doing what they love, and for some it’ll be enough to simply show up knowing nothing else about the band and have fun with a night of enjoyable pop rock. But if you aren’t yet convinced, stop reading a gig preview and listen to them yourself; in the minute and a bit it’s taken you to read thus far you could have instead been drawn in by the first verse-to-middle 8 of Violet, and be about to experience one hell of a chorus. I suppose it isn’t too late for you to do that.