by Aagya Pradhan

Spanish indie-rock quartet Hinds have had an extremely busy year. Their year started with the release of their debut Leave Me Alone and has been followed by a host of tours and a circuit of this summer’s best festivals. The party, however, has not ended for Hinds as the Madrilenian girl-group are back in Bristol this December as part of a mini-UK tour.

Hinds, formerly Deers, started as a collaborative effort between vocalists/guitarists Ana Perrote and Carlotta Cosials in 2011. The duo’s first single Demo, released 2014, catapulted them into the musical blogosphere and also set in motion the formation of the band with the addition of bassist Ade Martin and drummer Amber Grimbergen. Alongside an extensive touring schedule, the band kept busy by recording their somewhat aggressively titled debut, Leave Me Alone, which has garnered critical acclaim since its release in February. The Guardian described the album as “a riotous rush of girl-gang energy” and, quite frankly, this encapsulates their essence pretty well. Their songs are mellow yet there is an undeniable energy to them emphasised by the powerful and raw vocals of Perrote and Cosials. Their lo-fi, slacker-ish rhythms are also destined to get you up and dancing - the perfect cure for December blues.

With support from up-and-coming bands such as The Magic Gang and SWEAT, Hinds’ show at Bristol Trinity Centre is bound to be a party you do not want to miss out on.