Hijacked Festival 2017

by Finn Dickinson

Photo credit: Resident Advisor.

I sincerely hope nobody reading this is as bitter as I am about the relative dearth of festivals in Exeter. Radio 1’s Big Weekend had the sheer audacity to take place here once and not return, and Bristol’s musical monopoly seems to mock me from a distance on a weekly basis. That said, Hijacked should definitely be on the radar of anyone looking to ameliorate this dissatisfaction, and is a perfect example of the fact that a lack of household names doesn’t necessarily mean a decline in quality – it simply means the search for good stuff might have to be a little less passive.

For the past few years, the dance music festival and self-described ‘perfectly formed outdoor party’ has been providing a much needed source of physical exhaustion for mentally exhausted students. Returning to Double Locks for its fourth iteration, Hijacked 2017 boasts a range of local and national talent. Highest up on the bill are Glaswegian house DJ Jackmaster and Belfast duo Bicep, who may well be familiar to those conversant with the current state of modern UK dance music, whilst the festival will also be marked by the presence of a good deal of local organisers, such as The Getdown, Inner Circle and Room 303.

If you’re fortunate enough to currently be dwelling in the blissful, post-exam reverie of third-term, why not head down to Hijacked for the day? Good music and the first glimpses of summer sunlight ought to be a great way to blow off some steam.