Thick As Thieves Announce Hijacked Festival

by Jack Reid

Increasingly, Thick As Thieves’ events are being known for a combination of addictive mistique and incredible hubris. However, nothing could have prepared us for the endeavour that is being undertaken this year. In cooperation with Our House and Beats & Bass Society, Thick As Thieves will be putting on Hijacked Festival 2014 on May 29th.

Details are under a typically Thick layer of secrecy, but what is certainly very clear is the sheer scale of the project. The bass collective are boasting a 2000 capacity open-air venue with three stages full of acts. We are unable to disclose the lineup - that news is dropping on an extremely special Thieves Launch Party on the 11th February - but suffice it to say that Exeter has never seen anything like this. That same week the first batch of tickets will be going up for sale, and we at PearShaped predict the event will sell out extraordinarily quickly.

While we can’t blab about the lineup yet (it may or may not be somebody on this list…), anybody who has been to a couple of dank Tuesday nights at Cellar Door will have plenty of faith in the boys’ impeccable talent of having their fingers to the pulse of the UK’s cutting edge. So if you cast your eyes over to the right hand side you’ll see some vital information for clutching at those golden tickets when the Thieves set things off. One thing is clear, do not miss this.