by Kate Karpinski

Photo credit: Sonic PR.

The English pop duo, consisting of Alison Goldfrapp (vocalist) and Will Gregory (synthesizer), have navigated the sea of electronica since their first album Felt Mountain in 1999. Blending sultry vocals with an electronic base, Goldfrapp has developed its sound throughout their 7 albums. Their experimentations with genre have produced a spectrum of music, from glam rock to more ambient tones, always orientated towards the region of dance.

Following the nominal success of 2013’s Tales of Us, their latest album Silver Eye released earlier this year was well received by critics. The album evokes some of Goldfrapp’s original sounds giving the stark impression that it is turning towards previous albums for inspiration.  It consists of a ten-track set list, which commences with the crowd pleasing ‘Anymore’. Starting strong with a mixture of heavier synthesiser songs the album evolves into more obscure down tempo tracks such as ‘Tigerman’ and ‘Zodiac Black’.

Their European tour is currently underway, and they’re heading to Bristol’s O2 Academy in early November. Other musical duo Alpines will be supporting them on the night, with their combination of RnB and soft electronica. Tickets have sold like hot cakes and the event is currently marked as sold out but tickets are still available for their gig at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London in late November. For those lucky enough to have tickets for Bristol, it promises to be a cathartic dance filled session of quirky electronica underpinned by Alison Goldfrapp’s theatrics and endearing stage presence.