Glass Animals

by Bertie Mackenzie

Until recently indie and alternative music used to be on the periphery of the main stream, with few bands breaking into the public eye. However, due to the rise of music streaming people have access to more music. Not only that, but with services like Spotify radio, it’s become easier to find alternative bands. Unfortunately a problem has arisen - among this ever growing hoard of bands its hard to find anything resembling originality. To counter this many bands have tried merging genres and sounds in the search for the unique and memorable, few have achieved this with quite the success of Glass Animals. Glass Animals are far from conventional, and their sample heavy brand of indie combines tropical rhythms, indietronica and much more with extreme deftness. This merging sprawling sound creates a cacophony of noise like no other, with the rhythms driving a groove that it is impossible to stand still to. By coupling this driving noise with some of the strangest lyricism imaginable Glass Animals have done the impossible: they’ve distinguished themselves from the great mass of undistinguishable bands. Not only have Glass Animals gained a large following, but critical praise has also been heaped on the Oxford four piece for the idiosyncratic indie music which they produce with such loving attention to detail.

Glass Animals’ diverse and beat-lead music makes the live shows unfold like a carnival. Their gigs are often sweaty affairs, with the band unraveling and enhancing their music rather than simply playing carbon copies of tracks. Playing live is an art that even some of the most capable bands struggle to perfect, playing live is a combination of entertaining audiences and creating atmosphere all whilst trying not to get too carried away and loose the high standard of music that drew the crowds in the first place. Glass Animals manage to balance all that is needed for shows, even during extremely high intensity periods of gigging they do not slack - in 2015 when they played 130 times and never slowed. The coming show at the O2 Academy is likely to be a wonderful night of rock and rhythm with a thick groove tying the evening together, and with enchanting songs like Life Itself, Black Mamba, and Gooey, Glass Animals are certain to entertain.