George Ezra

by Rasagnya Gurung

In the golden year for music (aka 2014), who doesn’t remember listening to Budapest by George Ezra at least twice? Who doesn’t remember the iconic music video for Listen to the Man featuring Sir Ian McKellen? In case you haven’t heard of him due to his recent inactivity, Bristolian George Ezra, the singer-songwriter who was articulately designed to break hearts, stormed into our lives with Budapest and rocked the UK music charts with his debut album titled Wanted on Voyage.

I remember listening to George Ezra’s album before watching any of his videos, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see him. His voice and lyrics convey a message way beyond his age of 23 years; from his music, you expect a middle-aged man with melancholic eyes and an overgrown beard, not a fresh-faced boy from Bristol. This juxtaposition is all a part of George’s charm and compels the listener to seek the meaning behind the raw emotion being exuded from his songs.

However, there’s so much more to George Ezra’s music than his big booming voice (although one can see how attention-grabbing it can be). His music perfectly finds the middle ground between legendary folk artists like Lead Belly and Howlin’ Wolf, and more contemporary artists like Vampire Weekend and The Lumineers. After a year of laying low and not performing live, George Ezra has announced his headlining UK tour, aptly named TOP SECRET 2017. Whether you’re a long-time fan or recently heard one of his songs on the radio, June 6th is not a night to be missed because George Ezra will be performing at the University’s very own, Lemon Grove! The tickets have sold out, but stay on the lookout for any resales (also available on the website).