Freebie Friday #9

by Henry Maher

Tap water is an undervalued privilege in this country. Most definitely, if this column could be sponsored without any paradoxical qualms of a freebie column making money, tap water would be my first call (hit me up). Yeah sure, does it sometimes have lime scale in it? Certainly. Is it always ice cold? Certainly not. However unlike a lot of places, I have the freedom to go out to a restaurant and give the waiting staff the strong, hard glare in the eyes when they ask “any drinks?” and throw my head back and cackle “I’ll be having water, of the tap variety”, the universally accepted way of saying “I’m poor but damn it I’m thirsty.” Perhaps you’re feeling particularly bold, you might even start asking, “what vintage is this tap water?” - the classic witticism of any seasoned low-cost hydration veteran. It is in this spirit, I would like to welcome you to the newest addition to the Freebie Friday column; Hydration the metaphorical tap water for all those musically dehydrated. Warning: Not actually a substitute for water.

Last time, on Freebie Friday, Slovenian-American producer was show cased. This week I look at the offering from a collaboration of artists.; namely, Andy Polk, Nate and Jay-Mo, a trio that have such little information about them on the internet, one shudders to think how much they interact with the real world. What I can tell you is the song is free and that I and my team of experts have narrowed it down to Long Island/North Jersey being where this commune of whippersnappers congregate.

The song features on the Soundcloud of Artists Intelligence Agency/Lavish, which preoccupies its time with releasing and promoting the music of this kind of elk. With many more free downloads, it’s definitely one to check out. The track itself is perfect example of chilled rap that’s been around more and more these days. A beat that is relaxingly melodic yet not too invasive with an easy hook to sing along to. The main theme seems to surround the protagonists making these girls sweat… I can only presume they’re part of a running club. Being honest, this song isn’t dissecting the fabric of life, and that’s not the point, it’s just talking about the simplicities of hedonism, which is exactly what you need after a long day. The world can be a cold hard place, sometimes it’s better to envelope yourself in the warm blanket of the simple life. Even if that doesn’t include the weed and booze advocated in the record, the point still stands.

So if you, like me can’t afford the decadence of bottled water, let alone the gold tinged heights of an actual glass bottle of coke, #The1%, maybe consider just getting some Hydration right now.

Until next week, Viva la revolución!

P.S. Big thank you to my sister, Lydia, for finding the track this week!