Freebie Friday #7

by Henry Maher

It may have come apparent to people who read this column [Hi mom] that it has not been every Friday - it’s not even been every other Friday. Much like a father who doesn’t come to your baseball game (#notbitter) I’ve let you all down and I can only apologise. So time to come clean, renounce my sins and explain myself. I got a job this summer and actually bought some music. Hell, I even used Spotify… well my sister’s Spotify premium. I caught an awful case of capitalism and I’m a big enough person to admit I hate myself, I made a mistake. Fortunately, I’m back at uni and my sister has changed her password, returning my sensibilities to their initial impoverished state. Thank goodness for that! So without further ado, welcome back to Freebie (occasionally) Friday. Hopefully I’ll never get a job again…

Last time we talked about Koni’s remix of Drake’s One Dance ft. Casey Malone which you can check out here. This week all the way from L.A, the City of Angels, I present to you Charlie Kim, a singer, songwriter and producer who brands himself as future blues. Blues music is a genre that hasn’t really been touched on this column before for reasons beyond me. Who has more blues than someone who considers chicken ramen packs a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner? Fortunately, Charlie Kim comes in clutch with an array of original tracks and covers, wholesome enough to make anyone, even the keenest fresher reevaluate their own life.

Blues as a style of music has had such a grand impact on other genres it cannot be understated. Thekey to it as a genre has always been the deep lyrics, groovy basses and blues chord progressions. Charlie Kim does an incredible job of making his voice sound pained yet calm, giving the tracks superb emotion without being overwhelming and morose. I never thought I would say this, but I honestly think Charlie Kim might have released too much free stuff. Choosing one is a task in itself, but the one I’d like to feature is My Love as it’s such a good representation of what blues has to offer. This song keeps it simple yet entrancing with an infectious repeated beat and groovy guitar.

So, if the pound got you down, the money making you feel funny or you’ve just down right had a bad week, maybe see if Charlie Kim can help that. In the wise words of Hugh Laurie: “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to make a blues record”. Perhaps, take solace in the fact you might just have one thing the rich man doesn’t; the blues.

Until next week, Viva la revolución!