Freebie Friday #6

by Henry Maher

Welcome back to Freebie Friday, where the collectively poor can interact so at least a few of us can feel relatively richer. Don’t come here for the free songs or whimsical writing but the social reassurance that maybe you aren’t that poor. A column where being in the one percent of wealthy isn’t about having fast cars and limitless funds instead, we despise and envy those with branded biscuits; looking at whoever is reading this with a McVities in hand…

Last week, The Flan was introduced with his mixtape Live From Rocky Mountain. This week, a week where the enticing pull of copious drinking will probably seem more appealing than whatever exam is being thrown at you, our song is to help get through those woeful revision lows. Our track comes from Koni with the release of a remix of Drake’s - One Dance. Not to be mistaken with Kony the Ugandan war criminal and leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, who doesn’t seem to release his music for free.

There having been a few revamps of the song off Drake’s new album Views, most notably by Connor Maynard. This endeavour is a lovely chilled dance song where the lyrics and the rhythm seem to meld together meaning you can just hum along whilst showing sleep deprivation is not torture but an integral part of the university experience #unilife. Never to be as blasphemous to suggest the 6God has been outdone but Koni certainly adds a different spin to this piece, giving it a softer appeal, easier on the ears have struggled through sound of silence for hours on end.

So if instead of OVO Young Money you’re more OVNO Money, then feel free to give Koni’s remix and the rest of his works the old once over treatment, so at least when your friends talk about Drake’s new album they paid for, you have something to do other than sob deeply in the corner, whispering that you think Meek Mill is better. Until next week, Viva la revolución!