Freebie Friday #4

by Henry Maher

As I ran for my bus, for the engagement I was late for, I realised I was out of good puns for the beginning of Freebie Friday, something no one had foreseen. Panic struck me, what if people only liked me for my puns - it certainly was not money keeping them around. Suddenly however, I became taken away by the intricacies of public transport and serenity engulfed me. I was reminded of the beauties of the senior bus pass with free travel, the sheer audacity of under-12 free trains, the unmistakably free scent of a carriage after someone has expelled the culmination of their Friday night escapade. With all these ramblings rumbling through my brain, it will be no surprise that I in fact missed my actual bus, reaping havoc on my social plans. As I was passed by all the filthy capitalists who actually own cars, sat at my desolate bus stop, I decided to jump on a metaphorical bus. Seeing as I was already late, it only right to be late for this trend, fashionably so.  That is why this week, readers will be lucky to see that I have recovered a new remix of Fetty Wap’s infamous Trap Queen for your pleasure. So without further ado, welcome back to Freebie Friday and apologies to whoever had to sit next to me chanting “she my trap queen” at that bus stop for the best part of an hour.

Last weeks’ album from Brooklyn’s Oddisee can be seen here but now we’re taking a leap in a new direction. Kasbo, self-described haloumi enthusiast and beat maker from Sweden is our partner in crime this week who seems to release free music like it’s going out of fashion, which one shudders to think. Umbrella Club is a completely free EP released just five months ago, and with other free release scattering his cloud of sound, some garnering over half a million views, he certainly seems to gaining some steam.

The remix flattens out the jumpy melody and distorts many Fetty’s declarations of Remy Boys and 1738, retaining the key pivotal lyrics of the song speaking about the love story of a couple trapped in a trap house. The flattening of the melody creates a more dream like sensations than the source, albeit this is not a slow dance of a song. As always, a strong remix is one that stays true to the values of the original but is in its own right an enjoyable track. Trap Queen was a summer anthem, that wasn’t too harsh as to mute the voices of party goers yet wasn’t too sombre as to induce all the overly inebriated to start crying about their respective “trap queens”. The remix holds these values well, even if it does err closer to the side pre-drinks than just grabbing a cold beer with amigos.

With all its gusto, this remix and Kasbo should be a welcome sound to the spring clean of your iTunes, and unlike Fetty Wap, is not “married to the money”. So whether, like me, you’re currently trying a trial separation from finances or signed the papers of a messy divorce with the dollar bill, Freebie Friday is happy to be that rebound. Until next week, Viva la revolución!

Download here.

Check out more of Kasbo here.