Freebie Friday #1

by Henry Maher

There are two peoples that understand the beauty of freedom: Donald Trump’s electoral demographic and students. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s supporters didn’t respond to my countless e-mails, so I’ve decided to start sharing the free releases I’ve found from the darkest depths of the internet, here. I welcome you to Freebie Friday, a segment where I will be accruing all the finest free downloads anybody in their overdraft could possibly dream of. Your loss Donald…

For my inaugural address, those of you lucky enough to be penniless are invited to check out the Confessions label. Confessions has steadily been releasing several insane deep house mixes, at the low, low price of FREE for some time now. The standout for me, is the track, Notorious, which I took some time to review in the Haiku Review feature.

However, that’s not to forget the funk-ed up track, Hey Girl by producer Angelz, which is perfect to bop your head to in the library. Relaxed vibes not your cup of tea? Movenchy’s more industrial Look At Me goes in, with harsh snares and heavily modulated frequencies, superb for workouts.

All of Confessions releases, thus far, have their own distinct style, whilst still fitting in to the same genre. To enjoy one, is to enjoy all, without, thinking that you’ve been listening to the same song for ten minutes. Each of the releases will make excellent additions to your music library; frankly, there is no reason to leave them out given they’re free! Find them here.

Join me next week for more music outside of the reach of monetary exchange. Viva la revolución!